Talks: outreach

Primordial Black Holes as dark matter (2023)
Into the dark side (2022)
In Our Time episode on dark matter (2015)
WIMP hunting: the search for dark matter   (Astronomy societies, 2015)
Particle physics and the LHC   (A-level schools talk, 2015)
The search for dark matter   (GCSE schools talk, 2014)
Is cosmology a science?   (Astronomy societies, 2011)
Dark Matter   (Royal Society Frontiers of Science, India, 2008)
The Large Hadron Collider and the search for dark matter  (Stockholm, 2008)
Inflation   (Cosmology: Understanding our Universe from galaxies to particles, 2007)
What are galaxies made of?    (From quarks to the cosmos masterclass, 2007)
The fate of the Universe    (Einstein and Art, Sheffield, 2005)